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The VISTA members placed at my agency have greatly increased our ability to serve clients through starting and growing our ability to track clients, donors, and volunteers.

VISTA Partner Agency

Hosting a Volunteer

Currently recruiting for organizations interested in hosting a VISTA Member to Start in February or August of 2019 Hosting a VISTA volunteer can build your organization’s capacity to serve clients, raise funds for your organization, expand your web presence, and more. To learn more about the VISTA program, please see the information below. Or, contact the VISTA program at 907.279.2511, ask for the VISTA Leader, or Eric Milliken, Community Development Program Manager.

The Application process is relatively simple. If you have questions, want to talk through an idea, or simply want to say hi, please call or email Eric Milliken. Our formal  application process is as follows, interested organizations fill out a:

Project Application and email it to Eric. Following that and discussion, we will work together on a position description, in VISTA lingo called a
Volunteer Assignment Description or VAD After that is approved by our funder, we will recruit, place and train a national service member for your organization!

More info about the specifics of the program including legal obligations can be found in these documents:

Program Guidance (annual document produced by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) describing priority investment areas)
Sponsor Guide which is also produced by CNCS further explains the role of VISTAs
Assurances that all partner sites must agree too that are related to the authorizing legislation that created the program
Partner Site MOA this is the agreement between RurAL CAP and your agency for a VISTA partnership.

To learn more contact:

Contact Us
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