SWAMC AmeriCorps VISTA Position

About the Project

The Southwest Alaska Municipality Conference is an organization that is dedicated to creating and sustaining economic development in Southwest Alaska. This is done by supporting programs and initiatives that support communities throughout the region. As a VISTA member, you will aid in the development and support of the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan. This plan focuses on decreasing poverty, by training low wage and unemployed workers in skills that will allow them to succeed in high paying jobs. Therefore, giving them opportunities they previously would not have had.

Your Role

During the year of service, the VISTA member will

  • Update the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan and identify the skills that are necessary to obtain a high paying job.
  • Revise the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan (2014) to include a plan to teach these skills to the low wage workers. 
  • Continually assess the implementation of the plan and track its success over time

The Community of Anchorage

In one word, life in Anchorage is exciting. There are always adventures to be had wherever you go. Alaska is home to some of the best hiking, skiing, canoeing, fishing and biking in America. At the same time, Anchorage also has a thriving restaurant scene and all the amenities you would typically find in a big city. You will rarely ever be bored during your stay in Anchorage.

To learn more about the amazing work of the Covenant House Alaska click this link

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