Anchorage Youth Courts

Anchorage Youth Court is a juvenile justice system that empowers students to serve as defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges in cases involving their peers. It gives students accountability, education, and the opportunity to have a positive influence on others’ lives while providing the community with an effective and comprehensive alternative justice system.

Your Role as a VISTA member

This is the third year that the Anchorage Youth Court has implemented a summer law immersion program for adolescents. With a small team of VISTA summer associates and the executive director, you will be instrumental in the design and implementation of a four-week camp program hosted at one of Anchorage’s high schools. As part of a team of six VISTA summer associates, Anchorage Youth Court staff and attorney advisers you will be responsible for all aspects of program design, delivery, and make recommendations for future years of the project. Your service term will be a crucial component leading to the success of this project.


All AmeriCorps VISTA summer associates that complete service are eligible for

1. An educational stipend at the end of service
2. A living allowance paid bi-weekly
3. Educational loan forbearance during service

Life in Anchorage

In one word, life in Anchorage is exciting. There are always adventures to be had wherever you go. Anchorage is home to some of the best hiking, skiing, canoeing, fishing and biking in America. You will rarely ever be bored during your stay in Alaska.

If you have any questions or need help sending in an application, please contact Neil Gallagher at or call 907-865-7275. 

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