Community Connections Summer Associate VISTA in Ketchikan

The AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates program is focused on fighting poverty in the United States, through expanding the capacity of local nonprofits. AmeriCorps VISTA has partnered with Community Connections to help fight poverty in South-East Alaska. Community Connections aims to increase independence and quality of life in the people we serve, including children with behavioral health needs and adults with developmental disabilities. The Summer Associates will develop and plan summer activity programs that will provide a way for our clients to develop skills like healthy coping, socialization, and relationship-building. By participating in this therapeutic group environment, our clients will develop an increased sense of belonging in their communities, and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. As an AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate, you will also be able to experience all the hiking, fishing, biking and kayaking of one of AmeriCorps top tourist destinations. 

Life in Alaska

In one word, life in Alaska is exciting. There are always adventures to be had wherever you go. Anchorage is home to some of the best hiking, skiing, canoeing, fishing and biking in America. You will rarely ever be bored during your stay in Alaska.

If you have any questions or need help sending in an application, please contact Neil Gallagher at or call 907-865-7275. 

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