Anchorage Mayoral Homelessness Initiative AmeriCorps VISTA

About the Project

This project is part of an effort by the Anchorage mayor, Ethan Berkowitz, to increase community participation and support for the Anchorage Housing and Homeless initiative and community coordination of homeless resources. Anchorage housing and homeless service providers are collaborating to make scarce resources go further in the community through a process to align outreach and housing resources.

Your Role as a VISTA:

During the year of service the VISTA member will

  • Aid in the design an implementation of the Anchorage Mayoral Homeless Initiative

  • Conduct a community needs assessment and service gap analysis for the Anchorage Homeless service agencies

  • Work with a team to develop and implement a program to support agencies in growing their capacity to serve the homeless

The Community of Anchorage

In one word, life in Anchorage is exciting. There are always adventures to be had wherever you go. Anchorage is home to some of the best hiking, skiing, canoeing, fishing and biking in America. At the same time, Anchorage also has a thriving restaurant scene and all the amenities you would typically find in a big city. You will rarely ever be bored during your stay in Anchorage.

If you have any questions or need help sending in an application, please contact Neil Gallagher at or call 907-865-7275.

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